We prefer to get acquainted with Client’s matter and try to find the most suitable solution of the problem before discussing the price of our legal services. When discussing the contractual fee we always take the value of the matter into consideration together with its time demands, complexity and Client’s individual needs and interests. The contractual fee is set before provision of the legal service.

In case of taking legal representation the first consultation for our Clients is provided for free.

Based on the contract there are these options of fees:

  • time fee – is calculated according to number of hours of legal services charged
  • tariff fee – is calculated according to number of legal acts of legal services according to Decree of the Ministry of Justice no. 177/1996 Coll., the Lawyer’s Tariff
  • share fee – is determined by percentage of the result
  • fixed fee – fee for legal services is arranged in advance by fixed sum of money
  • lump fee – fee is charged monthly by advantageous sum of money – offered to our long-time Clients

When entering an agreement on provision of legal service the Client may be required to pay a proportionate deposit prior starting the activity.

If the agreement on the price of legal service is not made in advance its amount is conformed to the Decree of Ministry of Justice no. 177/1996 Coll., the Lawyer´s Tariff.

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