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Law Office of Mgr. Alena Straubová is successful, versatile and dynamically developing law office with more than fifteen years of practical experience which purposefully connects its years of experience and tradition with ability to react flexibly to current requirements of today as well as development of modern technologies.

It was founded in 1998 by Mgr. Alena Straubová and currently it consists of three cooperating lawyers and two legal trainees.

As one of few offices in the Czech Republic we closely specialize on legal help and representation of Clients in the field of law of EU, especially Austrian and German law, from the very beginning.

We provide professional and complex legal services in all fields of law for both domestic and foreign natural and artificial persons. Legal services are provided in Czech, German, English and eventually in Russian language.

Legal services provided by us are of high professional quality and we are always able to find economically advantageous, quick and constructive solutions respecting individual requirements as well as real options of our Clients.

Years of experience, study stays and legal practice abroad ensure our Clients high level of expertise of these services even in cross-border transactions.

Willingness, helpfulness and personal approach to individual needs and claims of our Clients which are necessary presumption for creation of relationship of trust and longtime cooperation based on reciprocal esteem and mutual respect are considered to be priority of our work.

Absolute discretion and keeping rules of professional ethics are matter of course for us.

Our Law Office cooperates with number of specialists, especially notaries, executors, accountants and tax advisers, auditors, experts and interpreters whose expertise significantly complements and extends spectrum of legal services we provide to our Clients.

When providing legal services with international element we permanently cooperate with foreign lawyers from member states of EU.

We helped our Clients to assert their rights not only before national courts in the Czech Republic including the highest ones but also before European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

We achieve great success in the field of compensation of damage arising from traffic accidents where we have had no failure in court proceeding for last four years and in defending our Clients’ claims we are clearly one of front and significant providers of these highly specialized services in the Czech Republic as far as still increasing number of authorizations as well as amount of acquired compensation for our Clients is concerned.

As we feel responsible for course of affairs in our society we support non-profit organizations and persons who lack legal services for financial reasons. Since September 2008 we have been partner of PRO BONO ALIANCE (Public Interest Lawyers Association) and since 2013 we have been registered in the Register of Providers of Help to Victims of Crimes by Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic.

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