Foreign activities

As one of few offices in the Czech Republic we closely specialize on legal help and representation of Clients in the field of law of EU, especially Austrian and German law, from the very beginning.

We provide highly professional legal services on the international level and we helped our Clients to assert their rights not only before the Supreme Court or the Constitutional Court in the Czech Republic but also before European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

We participate in number of projects and transactions with international element and permanently cooperate with number of foreign lawyers and partners from member states of EU through which we ensure to our Clients legal services outside territory of the Czech Republic, especially in the Slovak Republic, Austria, Germany, Poland, Hungary and Lithuania.

We also ensure provision of legal services to foreign clients, partners and investors in the Czech Republic and our friendly working team is open to international cooperation with new subjects.

We are members of:

  • AEA – International  Lawyers Network
  • DACH – Europäischen Anwaltsvereinigung DACH e.V. with seat in Düsseldorf
  • EURACO.DE – Netzwerk deutschsprachiger Rechtsanwälte
  • AIJA – International Association of Young Lawyers
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