Commercial law

  • foundation of business companies and partnerships
  • fusion, restructuring and acquisition
  • transfers of business shares
  • increases and reductions of registered capital
  • liquidation of companies and partnerships
  • provision of general meetings
  • representation of shareholders
  • business obligations
  • securities and bills of exchange – preparations of bills of exchange, assessing of bills of exchange, drawing up proposals to issue bill of exchange warrants, representation in bill of exchange disputes,
  • unfair competition law
  • prohibition of competitive conduct and liability of management
  • licenses, patents and trademarks
  • claims from carriage (CMR)
  • liability for defects of products

Civil law

  • collection of claims to recovery of damage and giving off unjustified enrichment
  • compensation for traffic accidents, accidents at work, liability for defects of products
  • ownership and co-ownership rights
  • conveyance of real estates – purchase agreement and donation agreement
  • pledge and right of detention, easement
  • lease and sub-lease of flat and non-residential premises
  • apartment owners partnership and conveyance of apartments
  • capacity to legal acts
  • protection of personhood and personal information
  • inheritance – testaments, legacies, settlement of inheritance, performance of receiver/executor of an estate, representation in inheritance proceeding in the territory of the Czech Republic as well as states of EU
  • copyright
  • ICT law

Debt collection

  • collective administration of debts
  • evaluation of collectibility of debts
  • communication with debtors, pre-trial challenges included
  • representation in court proceeding or arbitration
  • drawing up proposals to initiate execution and representation in execution proceeding

Labour law

  • contracts of employment and agreements on work performed outside employment
  • managerial contracts as well as appointment and removal of executives
  • competition clauses and liability of executives and managers
  • drawing up and evaluation of working regulations and other internal regulation of the employer
  • preparation and evaluation of validity of notices, immediate cancellation of employment and termination of employment by agreement
  • claims from invalid termination of employment
  • labour disputes between employee and employer
  • compensation of labour accidents
  • collection of claims to recovery of damage of employers and employees

Family law

  • divorces – controversial and agreed
  • determination of upbringing and maintenance to minors
  • alimony to majors
  • alimony between spouses, alimony of divorced spouses
  • pre-marital agreements
  • extension and restriction of joint property of spouses
  • settlement of joint property of spouses
  • establishment of paternity
  • claims of unmarried mother
  • domestic violence including precautions concernig putting out from common household

Medicine law

  • advice to patients and operators of health care facilities
  • transfers of medical practices from individuals to limited liability companies
  • preparation and checking contracts of operators of health care facilities
  • provision of information in the field of health care – health care professionals, informed consent, reverse
  • claims arising from breach of confidentiality
  • liability in healthcare – rights and duties of healthcare facilities, health care professionals and other professionals in health care
  • evaluation of presumptions and extent of liability for compensation of damage to health
  • collection of claims to compensation of damage caused by mistake of a doctor and failure to provide medical care.

Bank law, Financial services

  • evaluation of any contractual documents and internal regulation of banks
  • legal advice on banking and financial transactions
  • due diligence and analysis for both banks and non-banks (insurance companies, securities dealers, investment companies)
  • preparation of contract documentation related to bank and non-bank financing or provision of financial services
  • rights and claims from loan collateral
  • evaluation of leasing and credit agreements

Insurance law

  • preparation, control and revision of internal documents of insurance companies
  • evaluation, modification and revision of insurance contracts, insurance conditions and exclusions from insurance
  • laying and collecting claims from insurance contracts
  • drawing up of model contracts for insurance companies, representation in disputes concerning fulfillment (receivables on insurance and reinsurance, actions for recovery of damage, transition of regression rights)
  • registration of insurance intermediaries and independent loss adjusters at the Czech National Bank

Criminal law

  • defense in criminal matters in all stages of criminal proceeding
  • rising claims of the damaged party and its representation in criminal proceeding
  • drawing up proposal on conditional release from prison

Administrative law

  • solving breach of traffic regulations and representation in misdemeanor proceeding
  • checking evidence cards of drivers, driver’s score
  • drawing up proposals to cadastre of real estates and construction office
  • representation before cadastre of real estates and construction office
  • legal services for schools and educational facilities
  • registration of trademarks, industrial designs and patents

Constitutional law

  • legal analysis concerning breach of constitutional rights
  • drawing up constitutional complaints
  • representation before Constitutional Court

EU law and international law

  • legal opinions and analysis concerning EU law and its implementation in the Czech Republic
  • legal analysis in cases with international element
  • representation before European Court of Human Rights
  • inheritance proceedings and settling inheritance in states of EU
  • international registration of trademarks and representation before competent authorities
  • European orders for payment procedure
  • jurisdiction and enforcement of judgments in EU
  • international arbitration
  • excerpts from companies registers, cadastre of real estates, trade licensing register and other public registers of states of EU

Within the framework of legal services we offer
  • legal consultations as well as complex legal advice for companies and citizens
  • legal analysis and opinions
  • legal representation in negotiations with counter party or contractual partner of client
  • drawing up and submitting comments on contracts with legal analysis of client’s claims and duties resulting from them
  • drawing up settlements agreements and agreements on extrajudicial dispute resolutions
  • corporate complience – control and adaptation of internal documents and adaptation of internal documents and checking their complience with currently valid legal acts
  • drawing up petitions to court, administrative and other authorities (suits, opinions, appeals, complaints, statements etc.)
  • representation in civil proceeding and execution proceeding
  • representation in criminal and misdemeanor proceeding
  • representation in administrative proceeding
  • representation in arbitration proceeding, representation before Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic and European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg

We offer our Clients following additional services
  • companies training according to individual requirements of the Client
  • registered custodies
  • verification of the authenticity of a signature
  • conversion of documents
  • executor of the testament in the hereditary proceeding
  • trusteeship
  • assuring services of tax advisers and auditors
  • preparation of expert opinions and court translations
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